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Copper Stranded Rope --- >  Flexible Wire Copper Stranded Rope - Rs. 520 /- Per Kgs

We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of Flexible Wire Copper Stranded Rope, Round Copper Stranded Rope,
Multi Stranded Copper Wire Rope and Copper Wire Stranded Rope in Mumbai, India
Diameter    1-10 mm
Packaging Type    Bunddle
Cross Section    1 sq. mm & above
Working Temperature    350 deg celsius
Finishing    Polished
Other Details
Multiple strands of soft drown bright annealed Copper Wire are bunched together & then stranded into cores to get desired round flexible product. Again flexibility of the product can be adjusted depending upon customer’s application & budget. Design of the product can also be changed as per customer requirements.

These products are widely used for:

Litz Wire, Carbon Brushes, Winding, Flexible Connectors, Air Cooled Cables, Water Cooled Cables, Kick less Cables, Spot Welding Cables, PVC Cables, Silicon Cables, Battery Cables, Overhead Cables, Earthing & So on.

Price Range: Rs.520 to 550 Per Kilogram